Allergen-depleted, anti-inflammatory fragrance can be used in moisturizers for dry skin sufferers

Researchers have developed a novel allergen-depleted and anti-inflammatory fragrance that can be used in moisturizers for people with extremely dry, xerotic skin. Beiersdorf researchers in Germany report the results of two tests proving the fragrance is anti-inflammatory at today’s 29th EADV Congress, EADV Virtual.

Tests on skin cells found that the anti-inflammatory ingredients of the allergen-depleted fragrance composition reduced expression of both Prostaglandin E2 and Interleukin-8 after applying a stressor substance. The researchers also studied the fragrance formulated in a moisturizer applied to the forearm of human volunteers after they shaved their skin on three consecutive days to induce skin irritation. They found that skin redness was significantly reduced in the skin treated with the moisturizer.

Fragrances are one of the most frequent causes of allergic contact dermatitis. The novel fragrance was developed without using not only any of the 26 commonly known allergens, but also without the additional 60+ potential allergens currently under evaluation. However, it still has a pleasant scent, which can significantly improve the cosmetic acceptability of moisturizers and, consequently, enhance patients` treatment adherence.

A moisturizer containing our novel fragrance could provide an improved treatment option for people with dry skin conditions. It would be both pleasant to use due to its scent, enhancing patients` treatment adherence, and actively soothe inflammation. Hence, the long-standing paradigm of fragranced moisturizers considered as allergenic risk in the treatment of xerotic dermatoses may soon become obsolete. The fragrance has been integrated into two new Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS products for dry skin to provide skin care with a pleasurable experience”

Dr Julia Gallinger, Senior scientist, Beiersdorf AG’s Research and Development department

In addition, a patient preference study among 86 people with dry skin who used the fragranced moisturizer for two weeks showed that 97% agree that it doesn’t just feel like they have to apply something on their skin, but now they also enjoy it. 91% confirmed that the scented lotion makes their care routine more pleasant. Furthermore, 71% confirmed that they like the scented product better than the unscented moisturizer they normally use.


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