Avance IVDr for prostate cancer profiling

Bruker’s Standardized nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy platform allows affordable, high-performance NMR pre-clinical screening and IVD-by-NMR identification and validation (on RUO Level) of new NMR assays.

The latest AVANCE IVDr system, currently used for research purposes only, is a comprehensive, established and standardized platform not only for NMR pre-clinical research and screening but also for IVD-by-NMR research.

The platform delivers high-sensitivity and data-rich output at 600 MHz proton-NMR frequency while integrating advanced software, hardware, automation, spectral libraries and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for pre-clinical screening and high-performance biofluid assay validation.

The benefits for customers include greater data content and spectral feature differentiation than low-field NMR systems while also offering outstanding reproducibility, high throughput and possibly considerably lower cost per sample for improved preparation and support of clinical screening and IVD-by-NMR discovery and validation (on RUO level).