Optimization and Monitoring of Fast Reactions - InsightXpress from Bruker

InsightXpress enables the monitoring of fast reactions and rapid, screening of reaction conditions.

InsightXpress is the fastest of the Insight product line and ideal for rapid reaction optimization and reaction monitoring of fast reactions MR.  

InsightXpress’s new stop-flow delivery pumps enable the screening of reaction conditions by NMR at an unprecedented speed. Using InsightXpress, Professor Lloyd-Jones and his colleagues at the University of Edinburgh gathered insights into the mechanism and kinetics of the Suzuki-Miyaura protodeboronation side reaction. They were able to monitor the decay of a reagent with half-life time of 1 second.

Key Features

  • Used when needed (Compatible with Open Access System)
  • Rapid and easy set-up
  • Low sample volumes (<600 μL/shot)
  • Unlimited shots
  • Variable ratios of reagents to explore different reaction conditions
  • Accurate temperature control (detailed kinetics studies)
  • Pre-magnetization of reagents for quantitative information
  • Precise timing using a trigger pulse
  • Reproducible with stable measured volume
  • Dead-time less than 150 ms, enabling the monitoring of fast reactions
  • Fast flow-rate injection (0.2 – 2 ml/s)
  • In-situ cleaning using dedicated solvent flush line
  • Compatible with all Bruker 5 mm Probes
  • Easy automatic optimization of NMR parameters
  • Intuitive software for data acquisition and analysis