Bruker BioSpin's PET Insert for Simultaneous High-Field MR and PET Imaging

The new PET Insert for simultaneous high-field MR and PET imaging represents a culmination of Bruker Si detector innovations including unique continuous crystal technology with precise DOI detection, integration with SiPMs, and advanced electronics with full row and column readout. These innovations supply 0.7 mm resolution at Full Field Accuracy (FFA) and with 12% sensitivity that now extends to simultaneous PET/MR imaging with instruments up to 15.2 Tesla.

Technical Details

The PET insert is specifically designed for use with new and existing BioSpec high-field MR systems. This allows current BioSpec users to expand their system functionality to meet the growing demand for simultaneous PET/MR imaging in basic research and translational medicine. In the event that standalone PET imaging is desired, the insert can be easily retracted from the MR system and used at the Si-Connect Station provided.

PET Module

  • Universal Si detector
  • 0.7 mm resolution with FFA and 12% sensitivity
  • Continuous crystals, full row and column readout, and DOI detection
  • Silicon PMT design compatible with high-field MR
  • Large FOV for whole body dynamic imaging


  • BioSpec 70/30 USR, BioSpec 94/30 USR, and BioSpec 47/40 USR systems
  • Inserted in less than 5 minutes
  • Supplied with Si-Connect Station for standalone PET imaging and easy insertion into the magnet