The EMXplus™ available from Bruker Biospin is a sophisticated EMX spectrometer series based on Bruker’s novel Electron Paramagnetic Resonance analysis philosophy.

The EMXplus™ holds an established record for its excellent performance in the routine analysis of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance.

The EMXplus™ spectrometer has a novel design that offers exceptional sample analysis. Users can easily carry out Electron Paramagnetic Resonance tasks by simply turning on the EMXplus™.

The product is a perfect choice for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance applications where a simple recording of the CW-Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectrum will not be adequate. The system comes with several 2D operation modes where the second axis can be temperature, time, goniometer, angle, and microwave power.

Key Features

The EMXplus™ EMX spectrometer from Bruker Biospin includes the following features:

  • This class of spectrometer includes CW-ENDOR for the first time
  • 24-bit signal digitization
  • 24-bit center-field resolution offers an accuracy of less than 1 mG
  • Small and large signals can be detected with a single gain setting, independent of conversion time
  • Enables easy upgrade to multi-frequency CW-Electron Paramagnetic Resonance from L-band to Q-band
  • Absolute freedom in magnetic field sweep, from 100 mG up to the maximum field
  • Up to 256,000 points are available for field sweep
  • A wide range of dedicated resonators as well as accessories
  • Through PremiumX, it is possible to achieve a sensitivity of up to 2000:1 (International Weak-Pitch Protocol)
  • Dual-channel, concurrent detection of first and second harmonic (or 0° and 90° modulation phase)


The Bruker EMXplus™ EMX spectrometer is mainly used for:

  • High-resolution, molecular oxygen Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectra
  • Dual detection CW-Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectra