Monitor Living Cells with an InsightMR™ - InsightCell

Study the biological activity of living cells through direct measurement of variations in metabolite concentration.

InsightCell is based on established InsightMR™ technology, originally for monitoring chemical reactions on-line. The flow unit and software can now be used for monitoring living cells.

There are several approaches for monitoring metabolites in biological processes. For example, cells can be fed with nutrients in the flow tube, or the culture can flow from the bio-reactor to the NMR spectrometer.

Dynamic monitoring of bioprocesses is useful for understanding reactions and optimizing processes. Fermentation processes can be monitored easily using NMR, by measuring the increasing concentration of ethanol in the mixture.

InsightCell enables the optimization and control of conditions such as pH and temperature, which are critical factors affecting the yield of bioprocesses.* The principle can be applied to the production of antibiotics, vaccines and vitamins.