PharmaScan MRI Scanner from Bruker for Pharmaceutical and Molecular Imaging Research

The PharmaScan® is a high field, easy-to-use and easy-to-install MR-system, which is very cost-effective at the same time. It is designed for MRI applications on small animals such as mice and rats in the field of routine pharmaceutical imaging as well as for biomedical and molecular imaging research.


  • MRI and MRS routine system for protons, optimized for small rodents (such as rats, mice, gerbils)
  • Actively shielded magnets at 4.7 T and 7 T allowing for easy and cost-efficient siting
  • 16 cm clear bore size with 72 mm free access for the animal
  • Actively shielded gradient system
  • Parallel imaging (GRAPPA) for almost all applications including EPI
  • High performance BGA-9 or BGA-9S gradients with highest amplitude, slew rates, shim strengths and duty cycles optimized for small animal imaging
  • No Faraday cage, which requires 25 m2 floor space will be necessary
  • Scalable AVANCE™ III HD MRI RF architecture incorporates up to 4 receivers
  • AutoPac™ - Motorized, software controlled animal positioning system for routine animal handling and increased animal throughput
  • IntraGate -Self gated steady-state cardiac imaging package requiring no external sensor hardware and trigger devices
  • Phased-array RF coil technology for increased sensitivity and reduced scan times
  • MRI CryoProbe™ - Sensitivity increase up to a factor of 2.5 enables MRI of microscopic pathologies
  • ParaVision®6 - Fully intuitive software package for multi-dimensional MRI/ MRS data acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and visualization