C12741-11 InGaAs Camera from Hamamatsu Photonics

The C12741-11 is a near-infrared camera that employs a 640 × 512 pixels InGaAs sensor. -70 °C peltier cooling significantly reduces dark current which leads to improved image quality and also allows imaging with long exposure time.

The C12741-11 can detect weak IR light signal with high S/N ratio, of which image is difficult to take by CCD or CMOS camera and is suitable for use to evaluate solar cell or optical communication device analysis.


  • High sensitivity in near-infrared region
  • Resolution: 640 × 512 pixels
  • Low dark current with -70 °C peltier cooling (water cooling)
  • Exchangeable between air/water cooling


Type number


Quantum efficency

Over 50 % (at 1100 nm)

Camera head type

Forced air-cooled head / Water-cooled head

Imaging device

InGaAs sensor

Effective no. of pixels

640 (H)×512 (V)

Cell size

20 μm × 20 μm

Effective area

12.8 mm (H) × 10.24 mm (V)

Full well capacity

300 000 electrons

Readout speed

7.2 frames/s (Standard scan, Full resolution, CameraLink)

Readout noise

500 electrons (rms: Normal scan mode, typ.)
500 electrons (median: Normal scan mode, typ.)

Exposure time

138.5 ms to 10 s (at Rolling shutter mode)
100 μs to 10 s (at Global shutter mode)

Cooling method

Forced-air cooled / Water cooled

Cooling temperature

−60 °C (Forced-air cooled, Ambient temperature: +40 °C)
−70 °C (Water cooled)

Dark current

300 electrons (Air cooled (-60°C) typ.)
130 electrons (Water cooled (-70°C) typ.)


2 × 2 / 4 × 4

Camera control


External trigger mode

Edge trigger, Level trigger, Start trigger

External trigger input


External trigger signal routing

SMA / CameraLink I/F

Trigger delay function

0 to 10 s (in 10 μs steps)

Trigger output

3 programmable timing outputs, Trigger ready output, Global exposure timing output

External signal output routing


Image processing functions

Background subtraction, Shading correction

External control interface



CameraLink base configuration

Software interface



Mini-Camera Link

A/D converter

16 bit

Lens mount


Power supply

AC 100 V to AC 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz

Power consumption

Approx. 70 VA

Ambient operating temperature

0°C to +40°C

Ambient storage temperature

-10°C to +50°C

Ambient operating humidity

30 % to 80 % (at Forced-air cooled with no condensation)

Ambient storage humidity

30 % to 80 % (with no condensation)