The NanoZoomer series is a family of digital slide scanners that rapidly scan glass slides to convert them to digital data.

The newly developed the NanoZoomer S210 provides high performance capable of handling a large number of slides yet at low cost without sacrificing the high-definition image quality and equipment reliability that made our NanoZoomer series popular with many users in the world.


  • 210 slide Capability and high throughput
    Automatically processes a up to 210 slides, with fast scanning.
  • Simple operation
    Just set the slides and magnification and press a start button on a display monitor, and all tasks from loading slides to capturing their images are performed automatically.
  • High performance
    It gives a high performance at affordable price by reconstructing the technologies and know-how we have high performance in developing the NanoZoomer series since 2005.


Product name

NanoZoomer S210

Product number


Scanning speeds: 20× mode (15 mm × 15 mm)

Approx. 60 s

Scanning speeds: 40× mode (15 mm × 15 mm)

Approx. 150 s

Objective lens

20× (NA 0.75)

Slide capacity

26 mm × 76 mm Glass slide / 210

Scanning mode

20× mode / 40× mode *1

Scanning resolution / pixel: 20× mode

0.46 μm

Scanning resolution / pixel: 40× mode

0.23 μm

Focusing method

Pre-focus map

Power supply voltage

AC100 V to AC240 V

Power consumption

Approx. 160 VA

*1 Select when scan starts