The NanoZoomer is a family of digital slide scanners that convert glass slides into high-resolution digital data by high-speed scanning.

NanoZoomer-SQ is Hamamatsu’s new desktop single slide scanner for creating whole slide images of single tissue slides. Its very compact size makes it suitable even for the smallest lab, while maintaining the well renowned reliability and robustness of Hamamatsu whole slide scanners.


  • Desktop and light weight
    NanoZoomer-SQ is a single slide desktop scanner, compact in size. 36 cm(W)×38 cm(H)×45 cm(D), and approx. 20 kg
  • Affordable
    Affordable scanning with the functions required for remote acquisition and review of pathology slides.
  • High quality and reliable
    The same high image quality and reliability associated with Hamamatsu slide scanners due to Loader, sensor and optics in one scanner.
  • Easy operation
    A push of the start button on the scanner is all that is required to create a high quality digital slide. The user can also specify the acquisition setting.


Product name


Product number


Scanning speeds: 20× mode (15 mm × 15 mm)

Approx. 150 s

Scanning speeds: 40× mode (15 mm × 15 mm)

Approx. 275 s

Objective lens

20× (NA 0.75)

Slide capacity

26 mm × 76 mm / One Glass slide

Scanning resolution: 20× mode

0.46 μm

Scanning resolution: 40× mode

0.23 μm

Focusing method

Pre-focus map

Power supply voltage

AC100 V to AC240 V

Power consumption

Approx. 72 VA