Bioness announces two agreements to distribute new devices for patients with neurological impairment

Bioness Inc., a leading neuromodulation company, announced today two agreements to distribute new devices for patients experiencing neurological impairment. Through the agreements with Performance Enterprises and Aretech™, LLC, Bioness is now distributing the Dynavision D2™ Visuomotor Training System and the ZeroG™ Overground Gait and Balance Training System to rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

“Visual field deficits caused by neurological injuries can result in a debilitating loss of self confidence and cause social isolation. Training using the Dynavision D2 system can enhance the outlook for these patients”

“Performance Enterprises and Aretech are both great partners for Bioness, as we share a common vision for improving outcomes for the neurologically impaired who are engaged in rehabilitation,” said Tom Fogarty, President and CEO of Bioness Inc. “With these agreements, we hope to build upon the success we have had with our NESS functional electrical stimulation devices, offer our customers more options to help in the rehabilitation of those suffering from neurological deficits, and ultimately provide functional independence for more patients.”

With the Dynavision D2 Visuomotor Training System, patients experiencing loss of visual function due to stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological disorders and diseases may improve the processing of visual information in static and dynamic environments to help compensate for visual impairment. Originally developed to improve visuomotor skills of athletes competing in sports such as hockey, basketball and football, Dynavision™ 2000 may help patients improve hand-eye coordination, reaction times and reaction speeds.

“Visual field deficits caused by neurological injuries can result in a debilitating loss of self confidence and cause social isolation. Training using the Dynavision D2 system can enhance the outlook for these patients,” said Phil Jones, President of Performance Enterprises. “It is our hope that this partnership with Bioness, a company with many established relationships in the field of rehabilitation, will increase the number of patients who are able to experience the life-changing and stimulating benefits of the Dynavision D2 technology.”

The original Dynavision 2000 system and now the new improved Dynavision D2, are manufactured by Performance Enterprises. Currently, approximately 500 hospitals across the U.S. and Europe offer visual therapy training including TBI, stroke, driver training, and low vision with the Dynavision D2 system.

The ZeroG Overground Gait and Balance Training System was designed by Aretech, LLC to make it possible for therapists to safely train their patients in gait and balance activities. Patients with lower extremity impairments as a result of stroke, traumatic brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and other injuries may see benefits from ZeroG training that may include increases in walking speed, as well as improvements in balance and endurance.

Developed by Dr. Joe Hidler at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington D.C., the system incorporates a revolutionary body weight support system that rides along a driven trolley attached to an overhead rail system. With ZeroG, therapists can begin training their patients even in the early stages of recovery.

“ZeroG was developed to help individuals who have trouble walking because of neurological or orthopedic injuries safely practice gait and balance exercises,” said Joe Hidler, Ph.D. and CEO of Aretech, LLC. “We see ZeroG being very complimentary to Bioness’ existing neurorehabilitation product lines, and we believe this agreement will provide a natural extension of Aretech and Bioness’ goal of helping those who want so desperately to walk again.”

Both of the new products complement existing technologies currently marketed by Bioness to treat neurologically injured patients. The NESS L300™ Foot Drop System and NESS H200® Hand Rehabilitation System are cleared for use by the Food and Drug Administration and CE-marked for the European Union. These devices are being used by nearly 500 rehabilitation facilities and hospitals throughout the U.S.


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