New report highlights numerous monoclonal antibodies for treating digestive system cancers

Since the early development of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), almost forty years ago, twenty-four therapeutic mAbs have been approved, four of them targeting digestive system cancers. Due to this success (two blockbusters reaching sales of over $1 billion), many industrials position themselves on this very attractive sector.

This has resulted in an active research strategy that led to the filing of almost 3000 patent applications since 1988. The present report ( analyses this patent environment and highlights the various monoclonal antibodies that have been developed to diagnose and treat digestive system cancers (oesophageal, gastric, bile duct, gastro-intestinal, colorectal, hepatic, pancreatic and anal cancers). This sector is currently facing a crucial challenge for the development of new monoclonal antibodies (targeting of new antigens and additional features) and not only improving the existing ones that are already largely protected. Contradicting signals appear with emerging biotech companies (that are actively collaborating with top academic teams) starting to challenge Roche current de facto monopoly.

Report highlights

  • Location of active research areas - United States and Europe remain the most protected area but China is the highest emerging country in this field with patents filed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • Strategic constitution of patent portfolio by big pharma - In front of an empty patent portfolio of mAbs, big pharma tends to acquire strong biotech companies or develop an internal research.
  • Specific focus on the key actor of this field: Roche - Details of its active subsidiaries and their positioning
  • Segmentation by type of antibodies - Identification of mAbs protected by industrial and institutional players and of the locked research area
  • A classification of the most extended and the most cited patent and patent applications

Key reasons to purchase this report:

This « IP Overview monoclonal antibodies against digestive system cancers » provides you with a comprehensive landscape of the intellectual property and helps you:

  • Position your company's R&D and IP Portfolio notably regarding to Roche patent portfolio and regarding other main competitors.
  • Identify white space via the cross analysis of the different breakdown (type, nature and targets of mAbs)
  • Identify key and emerging inventors and players involved in the development of new mAbs.
  • Understand the collaboration networks and theirs dynamics.

In addition to the report, you will have a 3 months direct access to the interactive graphs and to the full text patent database.


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