CellResearch receives new patent approval from USPTO for stem cell technology

CellResearch Corporation Pte Ltd ("CellResearch"), a Singaporean company that specializes in stem cell technology, has received approval for its latest patent on 6 May 2015 from the US Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO"). With this patent, CellResearch's stance as a global leader of stem cell technology expertise is further solidified, and allows the company's continued efforts in making Cord Lining Stem Cells a preferred choice for regenerative therapies and medicines. The company will be using its patent to enhance its high-level collaborations with research facilities in the United States and around the world. This will allow CellResearch's proprietary stem cell technology to achieve its full potential as a platform to treat a wide-range of diseases including those of the skin, brain, heart and cornea.

The latest of such collaborations is the recently signed services and research agreement on 1 June 2015, which involves partnering with the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The University will be using Cord Lining Stem Cells in clinical trials for the treatment of diabetic wounds. These trials will work towards US FDA approval for the use of CellResearch's patented stem cells for the treatment of such wounds. It is a significant milestone for the company, as well as for the world of stem cell therapy, as it will be the first time that stem cells, from this new source, will be developed as an approved product to be used to treat diseases.

Gavin Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer of CellResearch Corporation Pte Ltd said, "We are delighted to be able to work together with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, one of the world's leaders in stem cell research and therapy. Chronic diabetic wounds are notoriously difficult to heal and we believe that this partnership is a key step towards our objective of providing an affordable and effective wound care solution for sufferers. This development is also an important move forward to allow Cord Lining Stem Cell therapy to treat other diseases."

This partnership is part of a world-wide initiative combining CellResearch's stem cell discovery with the research expertise of international universities and scientific institutions. These include several alliances with the National University of Singapore, specifically its burns and surgery units, and the National Neuroscience Institute. The National Cancer Centre Singapore and The University Heart Center in Hamburg are also recent collaborators, as is the Ophthalmology Association of Vietnam.

Stem cell technology has moved beyond scientific speculation to become a current and well recognized mode of therapeutic treatment. The beginnings of stem cell research and trial had been fraught with ethical issues given the use of embryonic stem cells. Scientists have since managed to overcome these issues by deriving stem cells from other sources that are non-embryonic, such as bone marrow and fat. Past research and discoveries have been made utilising stem cells from such sources. However, CellResearch's discovery of a new source from the cord lining, allows for a whole spectrum of further scientific and medical breakthrough. The latest patent awarded to CellResearch specifically covers the isolation of epithelial and mesenchymal stems cells, two of the most potent stem cells found in the human body. They are derived from the amniotic membrane of the umbilical cord, and are known as Cord Lining Stem Cells. These two particular types of stem cells are very pluripotent and have been found by independent research groups to be the most promising source for stem cell therapy – the number of cells found within the cord lining are estimated to be in the billions, where other sources have yielded cells in the thousands or millions. The large yield available from this pristine source has the potential to bring down the cost of stem cell therapy as well.

CellResearch harnesses its stem cell technology in several other aspects, such as stem cell banking and therapy. Also patented are cosmetic skincare applications of cord lining extracts used in CellResearch's innovative CALECIM® skincare technology. This is available to the consumer of beauty products online and in select physician's offices.


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