mq-ProFiler: Portable TD-NMR Analyzer for Quality Control and Research


The mq -ProFiler is a compact and portable TD-NMR analyzer that does not have any sample size restriction. It is specifically designed for industrial process/research and quality control. The instrument is fitted with a one-sided magnet and RF probes that can perform 1H-NMR experiments on the surface as well as near-surface volume elements of arbitrarily large samples.

Part of the award-winning mq-series, the mq-ProFiler has been employed in various applications for both R&D and QC.

Supported by Bruker’s unparalleled hardware and electronics design, this single-sided, ready-to-use TD-NMR instrument provides reliable data for research and QC/QA. The mq-ProFiler requires only minimal set-up and is controlled via PC through a flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-use software interface.


  • In-situ measurement
  • Hand-held magnet-probe assembly
  • Robust design for mechanical stability
  • Variable measurement depth
  • Efficient excitation resulting in good signal-to-noise ratio
  • Negligible artifacts with short dead-time
  • Relaxation, diffusion-based measure­ments
  • Sample-independent tuning
  • Through-package measurements
  • Spatial mapping

Proven Application Areas

  • Building materials
  • Rubber and polymer
  • Wood
  • Ancient books/papers
  • Soil composition
  • Fresh and processed foods
  • Consumer goods
  • Biomedical research

Fat content determination in fresh fish and meat.

Fat content determination in fresh fish and meat.

TD-NMR: The Method of Choice

The mq-ProFiler NMR analyzer uses nuclear magnetic resonance methods, which are similar in principle to the high-resolution MRI and NMR, and predicts chemical and physical properties of materials by analyzing the data in time-domain.

The method is fully non-invasive, and does not require any solvent or sample prepa­ration. The TD-NMR signal is unaffected by opacity, color or surface characteristics. The hydrogen nuclei present in a small volume of sample produces signal, which is obtained in few seconds to minutes.

The cali­bration procedure is both simple and short. After calibrating a system, recalibration is not required unless the hardware is altered.

Design Advantages

  • Mechanical stability: Robust construction necessary for use in production or industrial environment
  • Sample-independent tuning: Insensitive to the dielectric properties of the sample, which means tuning and matching are not needed following sample loading
  • Negligible artifacts: Efficient probe design eliminates the background 1H signal and acoustic ringing, leading to very short dead time and enabling the visibility of sample compo­nents having fast relaxation properties
  • Variable measurement depths: Hot-swappable probes for probing various depths
  • Short powerful pulses: Enables short high-powered pulses, leading to excellent signal-to-noise ratio in the presence of inhomoge­neous magnetization field of single-sided magnet

In-package food analysis.

In-package food analysis.

mq-ProFiler: Software Advantage

The mq-ProFiler software provides push-but­ton, easy-to-use routine analysis. It is easy to set up new calibrations and the mq-ProFiler software guides the user through this operation. The mq-Profiler has pulse sequences that are adapted to inhomogeneous magnetic field, while the software enables users to manage measurement parameters and offers endless possibilities to implement novel pulse sequences. Also available are sophisticated data processing routines like ILT or NNLS fitting.

Applications in Details

  • In-package food analysis: extent of gel formation, fat content, etc.
  • Filler materials, crosslink density, aging in tires (even with steel bars) and other samples of polymers
  • Study of degradation of paper by looking at balance amongst amorphous cellulose, crystalline cellulose and water
  • Porosity, moisture content and impact of hydrophobic treatments in building materials
  • Rapid monitoring of fat content in foods containing high moisture, for example fresh salmon fish
  • Analysis on microscopic mechanism of deteriora­tion of wooden materials/structures
  • Contamination (oil) in moisture-free soil
  • Separation of oil signal from water signal, porosity and drainage/absorption/drying study in porous materials including rocks
  • Quick investigation of cancerous growth
  • Skin hydration study
  • Surface mapping of material properties aiding failure prediction

Technical Specifications

  • Measurement depths: 0 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm
  • Magnetic field strength: 0.4
  • NMR measurements: longitudinal and transverse relaxation, self-diffusion
  • Electronics unit: broadband (2-65 MHz)

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