Water Quanitifcation in E-Liquids

The electronic cigarette and vaping industries are expanding. In these products, the mixtures which are typically used are called e-juices, e-liquids, or e-fluids. In order to guarantee these e-liquids' qualities, it is necessary to test the most important quality parameters. Moisture or water content constitutes one important quality control parameter.

The determination of moisture or water content using Karl Fischer Titration (KFT) is a reliable, established technique. The selectivity, reliability, and speed of KFT make it advantageous when compared to different methods. Volumetric KFT is the chosen method for high water content samples, like e-liquids.

This article presents a system for the reliable, rapid determination of water content in E-liquids. This system is completely automated, which means it can perform all of the steps of the analysis - including sample determination, preparation, titer, and blank - all entirely unattended. The operator consequently only has to weigh the sample before placing the sealed sample vessels onto the system.

Method Description



Sample Preparation

No sample preparation is required.


. .
814 USB Sample Processor 2.814.0030
901 Titrando 2.901.0010
802 Rod stirrer 2.802.0010
800 Dosino, 3x 2.800.0010
Dosing unit 50 mL 6.3032.250
Dosing unit 10 mL 6.3032.210
Sample rack 24 x 75 mL 6.2041.340
Sample beaker 75 mL, 24x 6.1432.210
Karl Fischer equipment 6.5610.020
Double Pt-wire electrode for sample changer (fixed cable) 6.0340.000



. .
Titrant Hydranal Composite 5
Solvent Hydranal Methanol Rapid



. .
Titration mode KFT Ipol
Stirring rate 8
I(pol) 50 μA
EP at 250 mV
Dynamics 100 mV
Max. rate 5 mL/min
Min. volume increment 5 μL
Stop criterion Drift
Stop drift 20 μL/min
Titration direction -
Extraction time 30 s
Stop volume 20 mL



Sample (n = 3) Water content / % s(rel) / %
E-liquid 1 11.26 0.74
E-liquid 2 60.29 0.67
E-liquid 3 64.48 0.52
E-liquid 4 54.82 0.37



A 75 ml glass beaker is used to weigh roughly 0.1 g of the sample. This beaker is subsequently sealed using a foil cap and foil holder, before the beaker is put onto the system's rack.

The system is loaded with two beakers for the system preparation, three beakers for the blank determination, and three beakers for titer determination, followed by the samples. The foil cap is automatically punctured by the system, which also adds solvent and titrates to dryness with Hydranal Composite 5 of its own accord.

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