UK military to use Celox Rapid hemostatic gauzes for treating gunshot and stab wounds

Celox Rapid is haemostat of choice for all UK military branches

Celox Medical has won a new contract with Team Leidos to supply the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD)with Celox Rapid hemostatic gauzes for use with all branches of the UK military to treat gunshot and stab wounds. The product, which is the latest from Celox Medical, is the first and only hemostatic gauze capable of stopping life-threatening bleeds with a compression time of one minute. The MoD has ordered its first consignment of the innovative haemostat and it will be shortly distributed for use in front line emergency care.

The decision by Team Leidos comes following an extensive selection process that identified Celox Rapid as the most cost-effective and fastest acting hemostatic gauze available to stop life-threatening bleeding injuries. The product’s technology, which is based on chitosan, can stop arterial bleeding with only one-minute of compression time — approximately three times faster than other products on the market.

The product achieves this with its patented Chito-R technology. The chitosan granules in the gauze stick to moist tissue as the gauze is packed into the wound. The Chito-R then forms an adhesive gel that seals the wound and reduces compression time. This minimal application time is critical in front-line operations.

“Time is critical when treating severe injuries in the field and saving time increases the chance of survival for the casualty in an emergency or hostile situation,” explains Geraint Lloyd, business manager at Celox. “To be effective in real use, hemostatic dressings need to work fast. Otherwise, it’s not just the casualty at risk.

“It’s not uncommon for front line medics to come under fire when attempting to provide emergency care. Reducing the time spent applying the product and pressure to the wound leads to higher rates of survivability for both the injured and the medic. With the decision to move to Celox Rapid, the UK military is able to improve efficacy, speed and survival rates in front line care.”

In addition to its speed of treatment time, Celox Rapid also allows for safer and quicker transportation of casualties. Due to the use of high density gauze, the product packs wounds faster and tactical evacuation tests demonstrated that Celox Rapid stayed in place during transport without any re-bleeding.

Beyond the defense industry, Celox Rapid is available for emergency services and security businesses where quick and effective trauma care is required. To ensure the highest standard of emergency treatment, visit CeloxMedical’s website for more information on the company’s innovative Celox Rapid hemostatic trauma gauze.



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