FUJIFILM Corporation Commit Themselves to Digital Pathology

FUJIFILM Corporation is at the forefront of the digital histopathology revolution, centered around the Dynamyx™ software by Inspirata, and supported by genuine partnerships that drive improvements in patient care.

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Dynamyx™ is the world’s first vendor-agnostic, end-to-end digital histopathology solution with absolute open architecture, allowing seamless integration with many scanners and laboratory information management systems. It combines workflow and case management tools with image evaluation and AI solutions into one highly functional and user-friendly package.

This dedicated pathology platform is specifically designed for pathologists and laboratory teams and can combine with Fujifilm’s PACS solution, SynapseTM, to unify image data across enterprises and support clinical decision-making. Digital solutions offer significant logistical and operational benefits and can ease the burden on the declining number of histopathologists under increasing demand.

Digitizing images unlocks immense collaborative possibilities, as results can be reviewed by other specialists or educational institutions in real-time, worldwide, improving the time to diagnosis and prognosis. Combining this with AI solutions – that use objective, quantitative data – facilitates even faster, more accurate, and consistent clinical decisions.

Fujifilm’s goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible, tailoring its solutions to the needs of each customer, and allocating dedicated project managers and application specialists to engage with pathologists during the process.

Tim Wing, Head Of Digital Pathology at FUJIFILM Corporation

We have a long history in the healthcare sector, and we are very excited to be part of the digital pathology revolution. Combining Dynamyx™, a best-in-class software, with our synergistic suite of products and dedicated and experienced team will help get images in the hands of the right person quicker, supporting rapid diagnosis and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.

Tim Wing, Head Of Digital Pathology at FUJIFILM Corporation

Read more about the Dynamyx™ software and Fujifilm’s digital pathology solutions here, or visit www.fujifilm.com/digital-pathology.TM Dynamyx is a trade mark of Inspirata, Inc.. Synapse is a trade mark of FUJIFILM Corporation.


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