FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation to release ARIETTA™ 750 DeepInsight™ ultrasound system

FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo. President: Akio Yamamoto) is set to release the ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight ultrasound system – a new AI-powered diagnostic ultrasound system with superior image quality – in April 2023. ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight ultrasound system is based on the flagship ARIETTA 850 DeepInsight ultrasound system, and incorporates state-of-the-art image processing technologies to flexibly meet the demands of countless clinical applications.

Ultrasound is recognized as an indispensable diagnostic tool in today’s clinical practice, as it allows healthcare professionals to visualize a patient’s organs non-invasively and in real time. This stress-free examination technique is widely used in a range of clinical applications – from screening and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up – and is becoming increasingly popular with an aging population and lifestyle-related diseases on the rise.

Fujifilm released the world’s first diagnostic ultrasound system in 1960, and introduced the ARIETTA ultrasound platform brand in 2014, based on proven technologies and expertise fostered over more than 60 years. The company released two additional diagnostic ultrasound systems in 2022 – the premium class ARIETTA 850 DeepInsight ultrasound system and the ARIETTA 650 DeepInsight ultrasound system. Both platforms set new standards for image quality thanks to DeepInsight software that merges AI algorithms with established image processing technologies. ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight ultrasound system builds on this successful concept, focusing on enhanced image quality, ease-of-use and flexibility. These objectives are achieved by optimizing the ultrasound signal, enhanced ergonomics and a simplified workflow, complemented by a wide range of unique tools that assist in ultrasound examinations and reduce inter-operator and inter-patient variability. This new, high-end diagnostic ultrasound system completes the DeepInsight series, ensuring outstanding medical benefits and further increasing the image quality of the ARIETTA ultrasound system range.

Fujifilm offers original solutions that reach the next level in human-centered design to exceed today’s user requirements and contributes to improved healthcare as a leading manufacturer of ultrasound imaging.

Features of the new ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight ultrasound system

1. Pure images: clear, high definition images without inter-operator and inter-patient variability

The ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight ultrasound system software suite is designed to solve common challenges associated with ultrasound imaging, such as inter-operator and inter-patient variability, and sub-optimal image clarity. The DeepInsight software uses AI methods for signal processing – resulting in extremely high definition – while the eFocusing full focus function provides homogenous image quality and improves sensitivity for both near and far field screening. In addition, tissue structure clarity is further enhanced through Carving Imaging, based on Fujifilm’s advanced image processing technology. Together, these technologies ensure high image quality and consistency for both routine and complex examinations, ultimately contributing to faster diagnoses.

2. Seamless workflow: streamlined examination through workflow improvements

Ultrasound operators often have to assume unnatural positions, and the physical impact of repetitive and long-time examinations places significant stress on their bodies. The ARIETTA 750 DeepInsight ultrasound system monitor arm and console are ergonomically designed to offer a wide range of movement for enhanced operator comfort. Examinations are further streamlined through the Protocol Assistant, which can pre-register procedures and parameters. In addition, the Guide View function allows reference images to be displayed for each step of the procedure, enabling more intuitive and smoother examinations.

3. Your application: tools to cover a wide range of clinical scenarios

i) Abdominal/superficial

Hepatic diseases resulting from fatty liver changes have been increasing in recent years, and non-invasive examination methods are required for early detection, pharmacotherapy, and follow-up.

  • Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE) and Shear Wave Measurement (SWM) support a comprehensive diagnosis of hepatic diseases such as hepatitis, hepatic fibrosis, and hepatic cirrhosis by evaluating tissue stiffness.
  • Attenuation Measurement (iATT) determines the ultrasound attenuation coefficient of liver tissue, and can estimate the degree of fatty liver, contributing to early detection of hepatic diseases. SWM and iATT can be performed simultaneously in one scan.
  • Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS) is an advanced application that can combine a CT, MRI or PET-CT scan with real-time ultrasound imaging. Overlaid images are displayed on the monitor of the diagnostic ultrasound system to support procedure guidance and treatment evaluation.
  • Fat Lesion Ratio (FLR) measurements can be used to help diagnose breast cancer.
  • Assist Strain Ratio tool can automatically set the region of interest during an examination.
  • Auto Frame Selection identifies the optimal measurement frame.

ii) Cardiac

The prevalence of heart failure increases with age, and is highly related to lifestyle choices. Fujifilm has several applications that can help obtain a comprehensive diagnosis of heart failure.

  • 2D Tissue Tracking (2DTT) can be used in routine examinations to quantify the local movement of the whole left ventricle or myocardium. This contributes to the calculation of Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS), which has been recognized as an important parameter in the evaluation of the left ventricle function, attracting attention in heart failure diagnosis.
  • Dual Gate Doppler, powered by AI, allows automatic settings of two separate sample volumes, enabling the operator to observe Doppler waveforms from two different locations during the same heartbeat.
  • R-R Navigation can be used for patients with arrythmia, as it can detect an interval where the heartbeat is stable, and use it for further measurements.


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