#ChatsWithChaudhrey and Bob Galvin, VP applied and characterization business unit, Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

Benefits of Untargeted Screening in Food/Environmental Samples.

Untargeted screening using high resolution mass spectrometry provides several benefits over targeted approaches when applied to food safety. Many more compounds can be detected and monitored at similar sensitivity levels as provided by targeted approaches. Untargeted screening detects ‘all of the compounds all of the time’ leading to a wealth of information which can be evaluated to ensure food is safe to eat and complies to regulatory guidelines. Such an approach would have probably prevented food scandals like sudan red and melamine. Further, data can be retrospectively screened for trend analysis as well as providing checks for authenticity and adulteration studies.

Run time: 13:16 mins

#ChatsWithChaudhrey and Bob Galvin, VP Applied and Characterization Business Unit, Bruker Daltonics

Video Credit: Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

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