Food adulteration and authenticity analysis new mass spectrometry solutions to combat food fraud

Analysis of food has many aspects, of which food safety and food quality being the most common. However, occurrences of food frauds are increasing and this is clearly a major concern. Food adulteration and authenticity have very significant impact on the safety of consumers as well as a on the reputation and commercial success of producers and distributors. At this webinar, we will discuss the timsTOF and MALDI-TOF workflows that provide essential capabilities to answer food adulteration and authenticity questions rapidly and confidently. We will review several real life examples, including analysis of olive oil authenticity and place of origin, fast detection of feta cheese adulteration, and classification of different coffee types. As usual, will also have a live Q&A session to answer any questions

Run time: 43:12 mins

Food Adulteration and Authenticity Analysis New Mass Spectrometry Solutions to Combat Food Fraud

Video Credit: Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

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