timsTOF Pro and PASEF: Multiplying sequencing speed and sensitivity in proteomics

Applications of proteomics to cell biology and biomedical research require further developments of mass spectrometry (MS) technology to overcome long-standing limitations in speed, sensitivity and robustness. Trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) coupled to a quadrupole time-of-flight (QTOF) analyzer has shown much promise in this regard. Here, we further show the integration of ‘Parallel Accumulation followed by Serial Fragmentation’ (PASEF, Meier et al., J Proteome Res 2015).

In this Webinar, we will explain the fundamentals of this technology and give examples of how the timsTOF Pro was applied for high sensitivity and high speed label-free proteome quantification. We will furthermore discuss factors for the success of these experiments, starting from sample preparation and liquid chromatography to method development and data analysis with MaxQuant.

Run time: 1:01:50 hours

timsTOF Pro and PASEF: Multiplying Sequencing Speed and Sensitivity in Proteomics

Video Credit: Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

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