Identification of adulterations in cranberry foods and dietary supplements by MALDI TOF MS EDIT

Watch this live virtual demo from Complete Phytochemical Solutions and Bruker labs to see the MALDI-TOF MS workflows for authenticity analysis of cranberry products. We will showcase several different Bruker MALDI instruments featuring advanced new technologies, explain the underlying principles of adulteration analysis and demonstrate the entire workflow from live data acquisition, to processing and interpretation.

Cranberry products are among most popular herbal dietary supplements, and their economic adulterations are a cause for a serious concern. MALDI-TOF MS is an advanced analytic tool that provides several significant advantages over more conventional techniques, including unparalleled throughput and speed of analysis, as well as specificity and accuracy. Join us for this virtual event to learn more.

Run time: 53:11 mins

Identification of Adulterations in Cranberry Foods and Dietary Supplements by MALDI TOF MS EDIT

Video Credit: Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

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