Polymer analysis using MALDI TOF technology

This Webinar will detail the benefits MALDI TOF technology can add to your QC- or R/D-analytical lab for analyzing polymer samples. More structural information can be retrieved from your samples when using mass spectrometry compared to other analytical methods.

In particular MALDI TOF mass spectrometry excels by its simple, straightforward and rapid determination of molecular weight, end groups and repeating units of analyzed polymers. Fast QC methods allow to characterize your incoming goods in more depth and to monitor their quality for e.g. impurities. The direct measurement avoids lengthy LC gradient development and combined with thin layer chromatography also more complex mixtures can readily be analyzed (TLC MALDI). MALDI TOF also allows to probe for spatial distributions of molecules (MALDI imaging), examples of which will given.

Run time: 56:51 mins

Polymer Analysis using MALDI TOF

Video Credit: Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

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