4D-Lipidomics empowered by PASEF and MetaboScape

Comprehensive coverage of detected lipids with a corresponding MS/MS spectrum is required for confident lipidome characterization. With the timsTOF Pro and timsTOF fleX systems this is realized by the unique PASEF (Parallel Accumulation Serial Fragmentation) acquisition mode. The PASEF scan mode offers the possibility to generate MS/MS spectra with uncompromised high data quality at high acquisition speeds for lipid profiling compared to traditional DDA analyses.

MetaboScape provides a fully integrated workflow for evaluating 4D-lipidomics data. Initial data processing is critical for statistical calculations and compound IDs. This needs to be reproducible and robust. T-ReX stands for Time aligned Region complete eXtraction. T-ReX 4D by MetaboScape uses a sophisticated adduct handling and ensures a robust and region complete feature extraction for mobility separated data.

This video provides an overview on the T-ReX feature extraction technology and will highlight how it can simplify your data processing and reduces the false negative rate in statistics!

Run time: 4:56 mins

4D-Lipidomics empowered by PASEF and MetaboScape

Video Credit: Bruker Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry

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