Measuring Double-Stranded DNA with Fluorescent Dyes: Qubit on BMG Labtech Instruments

Despite being a routine laboratory activity, the quantification of DNA is crucial for subsequent applications like next generation sequencing (NGS). Here the FLUOstar® Omega microplate reader is used instead of the Qubit™ handheld fluorometer for assessment of the broadly utilized Qubit™ nucleic acid stains.

The DNA quantification with Qubit chemistry and Qubit™ fluorometer offers a quick, easy, and intuitive method to estimate dsDNA but is restricted in throughput as only one specimen can be evaluated at a time. The Qubit device determines fluorescence directly in specimen preparation tubes, and the DNA-concentration is subsequently calculated based on two standards measured simultaneously.

The utilization of Qubit® dsDNA HS fluorophore to measure dsDNA on a BMG LABTECH microplate reader is described in this application note. The Qubit kit read on the CLARIOstar®, FLUOstar® Omega, and PHERAstar® obtained a high linearity (R2 > 0.9999).

It also yielded the measurement of DNA dilutions of 50 pg/μl-100 ng/μl. Using Qubit chemistry on BMG LABTECH microplate readers enhances throughput, and at the same time retains the simplicity of the measurement technique.

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Quantifying double-stranded DNA with fluorescent dyes


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