Neural Markers Guide


Unique sets of cytoskeletal proteins, transcription factors, receptors, and enzymes are expressed by glia and neurons. Abcam’s user-friendly guides help in selecting the best neural subtype markers.

Overview of neural markers

Cell type


Neuroepithelial cells

Nestin, SOX2, notch1, HES1, HES3, E-cadherin, occludin.

Radial glia

Vimentin, nestin, PAX6, HES1, HES5, GFAP, GLAST, BLBP, TN-C, N-cadherin, SOX2.

Intermediate progenitors

TBR2, MASH1/Ascl1.

Immature neurons

Doublecortin, beta III tubulin, NeuroD1, TBR1, stathmin 1.

Oligodendroycte precursor cells

PDGF receptor alpha, NG2

Mature oligodendrocytes

Olig 1, olig 2, olig 3, MBP, OSP, MOG, SOX10.

Schwann cells

MPZ, NCAM, GAP43, S100


GFAP, EAAT1/GLAST, EAAT2/GLT-1, glutamine synthetase, S100-beta, ALDH1L1.


CD11b, CD45, Iba1, F4/80, CD68, CD40

Mature neurons

NeuN, MAP2, 160 kDa neurofilament medium, 200kDa neurofilament heavy, synaptophysin, PSD95.

Glutamatergic neurons

vGluT1, vGl,uT2, NMDAR1, NMDAR2B, glutaminase, glutamine synthetase

GABAergic neurons

GABA transporter 1, GABAB receptor 1, GABAB receptor 2, GAD65, GAD67.

Dopaminergic neurons

Tyrosine hydroxylase, dopamine transporter, FOXA2, GIRK2, Nurr1, LMX1B

Serotonergic neurons

Tryptophan hydroxylase, serotonin transporter, Pet1.

Cholinergic neurons

Choline acetyltransferase, vesicular acetylcholine transporter, acetylcholinesterase


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