Assay Kits for Easy Cellular Metabolism Research

Metabolic activity can now be measured easily.

The complex process of metabolism is at the center of biology. Any changes to metabolism can lead to a huge range of outcomes, from cancer to neurodegeneration, and more.

To make a metabolism research less complex, you can work with user-friendly assay kits. Those help analyzing live cells, lysates, and biofluids, with readout on a plate reader, microscope, or flow cytometer.

Metabolites and Enzymes of Sugar, Lipid, Alcohol, and Amino Acid Metabolism, Glycolysis, and the Citric Acid Cycle

To quantify metabolite levels or enzyme activity, look for a perfect assay.

Analysis of the Metabolic Activity: Oxygen Consumption, Glycolysis, and Fatty Acid Metabolism

The mitochondrial function, glycolysis and fatty acid metabolism can be analyzed, quantified and profiled with live cells and fluorescent plate reader.

ATP, NADH, and Similar Molecules

Fast, easy-to-use assays.

Mitochondria and Mitochondrial Function

Assays developed by mitochondria science specialists can improve the mitochondrial research. Abcam has been developing assays for mitochondrial research since 2004.

Oxidative Stress, ROS, Antioxidants, and Related Cell Damage

The toxic side of oxygen and metabolism is reflected by oxidative stress. Easily assess damage and the cellular response.

The assay kit [ab65331] is a fast and easy way to quantify lactate concentrations.

- Christian Marx

Lactate assay kit ab65331. HCT116 cells were cultivated for 48 and 72 hrs and sonicated in assay buffer. Image from Abreview by Christian Marx.

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