High-throughput antibody development and production

Sino Biological offers the most cost-effective solution for quickly producing many antibodies. Sino Biological incorporates its expertise in gene synthesis, vector design, and transient antibody expression technology to generate highly effective antibodies in HEK293 and CHO cells in as little as two weeks in response to constantly rising therapeutic needs.

Service highlights

  • High-throughput: 1,000+ antibodies per batch
  • Fast turnaround: 2 Weeks
  • Proprietary technology: Optimized transient expression
  • Flexible scales and grades: 100 μg ~ 5 mg
  • Free sequence analysis and codon optimization: High-efficiency expression

Technical workflow

Sequence synthesis

  • Framework and sequence check
  • Codon optimization
  • Multiple isotypes and species available


  • High-copy expression vector

Transient expression

  • Optimized culture conditions to increase yield
  • HEK293/CHO cells
  • Flexible scales
  • Guaranteed 100% success rate

Purification and QC

  • Guaranteed purity >90% or higher
  • SDS-PAGE, endotoxin
  • Additional characterization tools (ELISA, FC, Octet, Biacore, SEC, etc.)

Fast delivery

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