Sino Biological is a global leader in recombinant technology and manufactures exceedingly high-quality and hard-to-express proteins.

With the availability of proprietary expression platforms, high-throughput and scale-up capacities, and more than 15 years of experience, Sino Biological has successfully developed targets of interest from gene synthesis to protein characterization, regardless of a project's complexity.

Why choose Sino Biological?

Proprietary technologies

  • Proprietary expression vectors, culture media, transfection reagents, etc.

Fast turnaround

  • 12 Days: from gene synthesis to 100 mg eukaryotic protein production

High-throughput and Scale-up

  • 1,000+ proteins available for every batch
  • Flexible production scales: μg–kg level
  • 80+ bioreactors: 2 to 1500 L

Multiple expression systems

Customized QC options

  • SDS-PAGE, HPLC-SEC, UV, Endotoxin Test, ELISA, MS, Activity, etc.

Case study

Generating a protein with correct oligomeric status

  • Active format: homo-dimmer
  • Expression system: HEK293 cells
  • Results: >95% dimerization and enhanced activity
  • Strategy: initiating a molecular chaperone to streamline protein assembly
  • Challenge: primarily exists as a monomer even following incubation → Low activity

Dimmer content

Recombinant protein expression

Image Credit: Sino Biological Inc.


Source: Sino Biological Inc.

Sample Activity (Unit)
No chaperone, 0 hr 200
No chaperone, 48 hr 800
W/ chaperone, 0 hr 4000 ↑



Recombinant protein expression

Image Credit: Sino Biological Inc.