Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX-1 LC Column from Thermo Scientific

The novel column chemistry of the Acclaim® Mixed-Mode WAX-1 results in a multimode separation mechanism including hydrophobic, anion-exchange, and cation-exclusion interactions. Consequently, retention of basic, neutral, and acidic molecules can be either independently or concurrently adjusted by changing ionic strength, pH, and organic solvent content in the mobile phase.

  • Adjustable selectivity
  • Selectivity orthogonal to reversed-phase (RP) columns
  • Ideal selectivity for anionic molecules
  • Simultaneous separation of acidic, basic, and neutral molecules
  • Multimode retention mechanisms: reversed- and normal phase, anion-exchange, cation-exclusion, and HILIC modes

The Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX-1 column combines hydrophobic and anion-exchange characteristics, on a 5 μm high-purity, porous silica with 120-Å diameter pores. Because of this unique chemistry, the Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX-1 column also provides complimentary selectivity to C18 reversed-phase columns.

Hydrophilic organic acids are often difficult to separate with common RP columns, since hydrophobic retention alone is inadequate to differentiate molecules with similar hydrophobicities. This can be overcome using the Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX-1 column; it provides sufficient retention, and ideal selectivity for a variety of anionic molecules, even for weakly charged molecules.