Nalgene Syringe Filters from Thermo Fisher

Thermo Scientific* Nalgene Syringe Filters (25mm diameter) can accommodate sample volumes of 10 to 50mL. Use for culture media and additives (SFCA), buffers (CA) and alcohol or DMSO (Nylon).

Nontoxic Triton*-free membranes integrally sealed within housing to eliminate bypass and minimize fluid loss. Use the 25mm membranes for volumes from 10 to 50mL. Use with both slip-fit and locking-type Luer syringes; accept standard hypodermic needles. 25mm membranes are supported on both sides, for vacuum or pressure filtration. Sterile versions are certified sterile, non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic.

10 to 50mL sample size
Inlet: Female Luer-Lok*
Outlet: Male Luer slip
Modified acrylic housing
Pore size and membrane type printed on unit

Surfactant-free Cellulose Acetate (SFCA)

Low protein binding
Ideal for sterilization and clarification of: biological/immunological samples, cell culture media and additives, and biological fluids
Have no wetting agents
Modified acrylic housings
Membrane of choice for sterilization

Cellulose Acetate (CA)

Low protein binding
Ideal for sterile filtration and clarification of: buffers, aqueous solutions and reagents
Modified acrylic housings


Naturally hydrophilic, low extractables
Useful for sterilizing cryoprotectants such as DMSO and with aqueous/biological and nonaqueous/HPLC/GC solvent applications
Polypropylene housings