CarboPac PA100 Carbohydrate Column from Thermo Scientific

Oligosaccharides released from therapeutic glycoproteins can differ in size, charge, branching, and linkage. Oligosaccharides with these features can be resolved using the CarboPac® PA100. It provides the flexibility to separate oligosaccharides into broad classes depending upon the degree of sialylation, while maintaining the resolution needed for routine analysis based on linkage isomerism. Coupled with pulsed amperometric detection, the PA100 supports detection at low-picomole levels.

The CarboPac PA100 column is a high-resolution, strong anion-exchange column for enhanced chromatography of oligosaccharides.


  • Separation of closely related oligosaccharides, even isomers, at picomole levels
  • Separation of neutral and charged oligosaccharides in the same run
  • No sample derivatization required for detection