Thermo Scientific* Cryotome FSE Cryostat is a fifth-generation instrument adapted to multiple users and samples.

The Cryotome FSE Cryostat offers built-in operator comfort, reduced turnaround time with rapid temperature response, and peace of mind with reliable and safe performance.

Spacious, easy-to-clean chamber, colored cryocassettes, and a superior knife holder design allow the user to easily obtain quickly identifiable frozen sections. Produces high-quality frozen sections with less fatigue.


  • Microtome outside of the cryochamber—easier and quicker to clean
  • Lateral movement of blade holder eliminates need to unclamp and re-clamp blade, maximizing blade usage
  • Section thickness adjustment: 1 to 20µm in 1µm increments, 20 to 60µm in 5µm increments


  • Spacious chamber, with temperature controlled from 0° to -35°C
  • Cryobar with adjustable temperature controls and dedicated cryobar refrigeration system (to -55°C) rapidly cools specimen to prevent freezing artifact
  • Rapid temperature response reduces turnaround time; cools rapidly from ambient to set temperature in as little as two hours

Ergonomic/Safety Features

  • Automatic formalin fumigation cycle disinfects cryochamber
  • Positive-locking flywheel prevents injury while working around blade and specimen
  • Specimen holder temperature control, allowing enhanced sectioning of a variety of tissue types (0° to 45°C, within ±10°C of chamber temperature)