The GeneChip® Hybridization Oven 645 provides precise temperature and rotation control to ensure the successful hybridization of as many as 64 GeneChip®-brand cartridges at one time.

An ergonomic front-panel display contains system status indicators and buttons for adjusting the set point temperature and the rotisserie speed. This panel, in addition to a highly visible display and large window, provides immediate feedback of proper operation when using the oven.

The oven can be configured for 110 or 220V operation.

Array Capacity:

The oven holds up to eight removable probe array carriers. Each carrier holds up to eight arrays, enabling up to 64 arrays to be processed at one time.

Removable Probe Array Carriers:

The removable probe array carriers allow for the addition or removal of sets of probe arrays with minimal disruption to the hybridization cycle. Carriers are barcoded for tracking purposes. Eight probe array carriers are included with each oven.

Superior Temperature Performance:

Each oven provides precise temperature control and uniformity to generate consistent results across experiments on even the most demanding applications. Ovens meet temperature specifications direct from the factory, avoiding the need for on-site calibration checks or procedures.

Improved Ease of Use:

Integral locking clips secure probe arrays to the oven carousel. Hybridization temperature and rotation speed are easily set using intuitive up/down arrows on the front panel. A recessed power button protects against adverse events. The system status panel, highly visible display and large window provide immediate feedback of proper operation when at or near the oven.