Forma Blood Bank Refrigerator from Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Forma blood bank refrigerators feature microprocessor control to simplify operation and deliver greater accuracy. Thermo Scientific blood bank refrigerators are designed to meet strict requirements for storage of whole blood and blood components. They feature simplified pushbutton alarm test functions and reliable, field-proven refrigeration systems.

Forma blood bank refrigerators feature a microprocessor control system, positive airflow systems, industrial-quality cabinet construction and extra-strength refrigeration compressors selected for industrial, clinical and scientific use.


  • Adjustable temperature control from 1° to 8°C, factory pre-set at 4°C
  • Icon-based controls and displays include graphic references for universal operation
  • Setpoint security with key-operated, triple-position master switch controls power to all systems for added safety
  • Audible/visual warnings for overtemperature, undertemperature and power failure, with visual status reports on critical functions
  • Alarm setpoints pre-set to warn of temperature deviation at +5.5°C overtemperature and +1.5°C undertemperature