HM 550 Cryostats from Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific* HM 550 Cryostats are high quality and versatile cryostats designed for clinical or research applications.

The new cold disinfection option on the Thermo Scientific HM 550 cryostat allows fast, safe and complete disinfection of the cryostat chamber without interrupting workflow. The patented disinfection system fumigates the cryochamber at standard operating temperature; no warmup is required. The fumigant circulates throughout all areas of the cryochamber without leaving untreated shadows as with UV disinfection. It is deadly to pathogens but completely safe to users.

  • Open top cryostat with ergonomic design for working while standing or sitting
  • Unit is designed to function in either the clinical or research laboratories depending on the configuration chosen
  • Stainless-steel microtome is equipped with maintenance-free cross-roller bearings. Section thickness from 1 to 100µm
  • Trim section thicknesses from 5 to 500µm
  • Motorized coarse feed and reset movement with three different speed settings
  • Horizontal feed range of 28mm
  • Vertical cutting stroke of 60mm
  • LC display conveniently located on top of unit shows relevant data such as set and actual temperature
  • Unit also features graphical display, indication of section sum, remaining travel, number of sections and time, trim and fine section thicknesses, retraction function
  • Automatic Cryo Approach (ACA) system for exact and safe approach of the specimen toward the knife and/or blade
  • Temperature of the cryo chamber controlled from 0 to -35°C
  • Chamber illumination to avoid light reflection
  • Standby and sleep modes to reduce energy consumption and operating noise
  • Battery-backed storage and self-diagnostic system
  • Automatic defrosting with immediate defrosting and interruption function
  • Fast freezing station for simultaneously freezing of 12 specimens (30mm stages)
  • Numbered positions for better allocation of the specimens
  • Fast Freeze plate cools to -60°C
  • Object cooling accurately maintains temperature of specimen head