The Thermo Scientific* CryoStar NX70 Cryostat is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of both research and clinical laboratories by introducing a form-fitting design, integrated height control and motorized sectioning.

Ergonomic / Safety Features:

  • Height adjustment from 82-112cm to allow for standing or seated operation
  • Body contoured band and integrated arm rest controls
  • Motorised coarse advance to max 3mm/s
  • Multi-function joystick control
  • Emergency stop, handwheel and electronic brake
  • Double tap start function to ensure intentional operation
  • 3 program memory for storage of regular sectioning parameters
  • Rapid 50 minute Cold D disinfection

Microtome Features:

  • Choice of manual or motorised sectioning
  • 4 motorised cutting modes including single, interval, multiple and continuous
  • Adjustable cutting speed from 0-256mm/s
  • Section thickness from 0.5μm to 500µm
  • Precise stepping motor blade advance for minimal vibration when sectioning
  • Vertical stroke length of 64mm
  • 48mm horizontal feed range
  • 20µm specimen retraction on return stroke, with optical indication
  • XY specimen orientation with 360° z axis rotation