Thermo Scientific Owl A1 Large Gel Systems have the smallest footprint of a large format device, and is ideal for detailed RNA/DNA analysis.

  • Gel can be cast in varying lengths to help conserve agarose when fewer samples need to be run
  • Optional built-in buffer exchange ports allow for buffer recirculation on extended runs
  • Programmable power inverter may be used for field reversal electrophoresis
  • UVT gel tray has gasketed end gates for leakproof seal without tape
  • Built-in leveling ensures flat, uniformly thick gels
  • Comb slots allow two, three or four sample sets of equal lengths to be run on the same gel
  • Microwell-format combs provide fast, error-free sample loading with a multichannel pipetter
  • Samples may be loaded directly from a 96-well plate, 8 or 12 at a time

Includes: Buffer chamber with three-point leveling base, SuperSafe* lid with attached power supply leads, UVT gel tray, gasketed end gates, three combs (12, 16 and 20-well), 1.5mm thick