The iuvo Chemotaxis Assay Plate is a microconduit array plate compatible with automated liquid handling and high-content screening (HCS) and analysis (HCA) platforms. All Thermo Scientific high-content platforms, including the Thermo Scientific ArrayScan VTI HCS Reader and CellInsight Image Cytometer, are optimized for use with the iuvo Plates, providing a simple workflow with sophisticated image analysis to deliver multi-parameter data on cell function. Constructed as a single piece with no filters or membranes, each plate is compliant with the SBS/ANSI standard for microplates.

Chemotaxis is the natural movement of cells in the direction of a chemical gradient. The iuvo Plates form a stable chemical gradient inside the microchannel for a minimum of 3 hours. Microscopic imaging of cell movement into the gradient region enables quantitative data analysis on cell migration and morphology. A common use for the iuvo Chemotaxis Assay Plate is investigating polymorphonuclear (PMN) cell chemotaxis.