Agilent J&W LTM column modules combine a high-quality fused silica capillary column with heating and temperature sensing components for a low thermal mass column assembly. The LTM Column module contains a patented design which heats and cools the column very efficiently for significantly shorter analytical cycle times compared to conventional air-bath GC oven techniques, while simultaneously using less power.


  • Suitable for majority of Agilent J&W Capillary GC columns (30 m maximum length)
  • Rapid temperature programming rates of up to 1800°C/min achievable
  • Fast cooling times – less than one minute for some configurations
  • Excellent retention time repeatability and excellent separation performance, comparable to conventional GC
  • Ability to run up to four column modules simultaneously, using different temperature programs
  • Works with 7890/6890 GC injectors and detectors for little change to your existing methods
  • Compatible with Agilent Capillary Flow Technology, for multi-dimensional GC