The AssayMAP Bravo Platform is a state-of-the-art Bravo liquid handler enhanced with a Bravo AM Head containing precision flow syringes. Liquid flow is precisely controlled to accommodate quantitative binding and elution in a single pass. The syringes are designed for use specifically with AssayMAP Sample Preparation cartridges which incorporate a 5 μL packed bed of resin supported by membranes molded into the polypropylene cartridge, enabling bidirectional flow and true high throughput chromatography.  Recoveries approach 100% with reproducibility similar to HPLC (<5% CV). A simple user interface allows assay developers to easily set key assay parameters without an automation engineer for error-free, push-button routine operation.


  • Single Automated Platform – Migrate complex sample prep workflows onto one platform
  • Precision Flow Control – Liquid flow is precisely controlled in either aspirate or dispense mode
  • Flexible Application Interface – easily set key assay parameters for error-free push button operation
  • Parallel Processing – Sensitive and precise enough for use on µL-scale samples
  • Open Platform – Uses both standard resins and reagents
  • Increased Flexibility  –  Mounts with either AssayMAP cartridges or pipette tips for standard liquid handling