Inert GC Flow Path from Agilent

When performing trace level analysis on very active compounds, Agilent Inert Flow Path solutions ensure a reliably inert flow path for higher sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility. These analyses can be done with the utmost confidence because each Agilent Inert Flow Path component is qualified using chromatographic QC tests to provide reliable &consistent inertness that spans the entire flow path:

  • Agilent Ultra Inert liners provide large surface area to assist with sample vaporisation without loss of analytes
  • Highly inert glass wool of ultra inert liners helps trap non-volatile contaminates, preventing them from entering the GC column, increasing column lifetime
  • Metal surfaces of the inert flow path aredeactivated to prevent loss of active analytes as they move through the flow path
  • UltiMetal Plus, gives extra protection through the critical sample vaporisation process
  • Agilent J & W ultra inert GC columns give excellent peak shapes, exceptional low bleed and high signal to noise ratios
  • Productivity tools like mid column back flush can extend the capabilities of the intert flow path with UltiMetal Plus treated purged-union and flexible metal ferrules that provide leak free inert column connections