Capillary DB-2887 GC Columns from Agilent

Agilent J&W DB-2887 columns are specifically designed for simulated distillation of ASTM Method D2887. With rapid conditioning, fast run times and low bleed characteristics, Agilent's bonded and cross-linked DB-2887 columns deliver high levels of performance in GC applications. A wide temperature operating range (-60 to 350 °C) and strict industry QC standards testing further enhance the performance and usability of the DB-2887 columns, that are also solvent rinsable.


  • 100% Dimethylpolysiloxane.
  • Specifically designed for simulated distillation ASTM Method D2887.
  • Rapid conditioning, fast run time, and low bleed compared to packed columns.
  • Bonded, cross-linked and solvent rinsable.
  • Temperature limits: -60 to 350 °C.
  • Test mix: DB-2887, Agilent Part No. 200-0110.
  • Similar phases: HP-1, Petrocol EX2887, MXT-2887, MXT-1.