Capillary DB-17 GC Columns from Agilent

The DB-17 GC Column is a (50%-Phenyl)- methylpolysiloxane column of mid polarity. The DB-17 GC Column is excellent for confirmation analysis. The DB-17 GC Column is equivalent to USP Phase G3. Agilent makes more capillary columns than anyone else in the world and our commitment to product reliability and repeatability has raised the level of quality that chromatographers demand.


  • (50%-Phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane
  • Midpolarity—slightly more polar than HP-50+
  • Excellent for confirmational analyses
  • Bonded and cross-linked
  • Solvent rinsable
  • Equivalent to USP Phase G3
  • Similar Phases: HP-50+, Rtx-50, CP-Sil 24 CB, 007-17(MPS-50), HP-17, SP-2250, SPB-50, ZB-50, AT-50
  • Temperature Limits: 40 to 280/300 °C