Hi-Plex HPLC Column from Agilent

The Hi-Plex HPLC columns deliver improved efficiency, lower operating pressures and longer column lifetimes from monodispersed materials. With a range of ligand counter ions for optimum selectivity, and resolution and materials matched to the USP definitions of media types L17, L19, L34 and L58, the Hi-Plex range is ideal for isocratic separations using water or dilute acid as the eluent. This simplifies your HPLC system requirements and eliminates the use of potentially hazardous organic solvents.


  • Agilent's recommended column for accurate, low-pressure analysis of typical carbohydrates, providing leading-edge features for reliable quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Enable reduced column operating pressures for repeatable performance and longer column life
  • Wide range of ligand counter ions and column configurations meet requirements of challenging organic applications
  • Simplified HPLC system requirements through isocratic separation capabilities; excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility for ultimate confidence in your results
  • Can be used with water or diluted acid as an eluent
  • Available in 8 μm and 10 μm particle sizes in a range of choices for USP media types – L17, L19, L34 and L58