ZORBAX RRHT UHPLC Column from Agilent

The ZORBAX Rapid Resolution HT (RRHT) columns are an exciting technology for fast and ultra-fast HPLC separations with more resolving power. ZORBAX RRHT is the first sub-2 µm (1.8 µm), totally porous packing available for ultra-fast separations including high throughput analyses and high speed LC/MS. The small particles provide high resolving power while short column lengths (15-50 mm) enable high-speed analyses.


  • High pressure (600 bar) columns for ultra high speed or maximum resolution analyses
  • Carefully engineered particles deliver maximum resolution at 25% less pressure than other sub-2 µm materials
  • Reduce analysis time by 95%
  • Develop HPLC methods more quickly
  • Securely transfer conventional methods with over 140 RRHT choices
  • Analyze complex samples on shorter columns faster and maximize peak capacity