Capillary CAM GC Columns from Agilent

Agilent J&W Scientific GC columns offer the highest quality and performance of any GC columns on the market today. From the lowest bleed levels and the best inertness for acid, base, and mixed functional compounds, to the tightest column-to-column reproducibility, Agilent GC columns deliver superior reproducible performance for benign to the most difficult types of samples.


  • Carbowax 20M and HP-20M are equivalent to USP Phase G16
  • CAM is specifically designed for amines analysis; replaces HP-BasicWax
  • Temperature limits: CAM: 60 to 220/240 °C; Carbowax 20M: 60 to 220/240 °C; OV351: 60 to 220/240 °C
  • CAM, Carbowax 20M, and OV-351 GC columns are not bonded and cross-linked, therefore Agilent J&W does not recommend solvent rinsing.
  • Similar phases: CAM: Stabilwax-DB, Carbowax Amine; Carbowax 20M: DB-WAX, HP-INNOWax, DB-WAXeter; OV-351: DB-FFAP, HP-FFAP