ZORBAX PrepHT LC Column from Agilent

ZORBAX optimized phases are now available in preparative dimensions as PrepHT columns. These columns are 21.2 mm and larger in diameter with 5 µm and 7 µm particles to provide high resolving power. They are also available in various lengths to allow optimum resolving power and speed of analyses. In preparative chromatography, it is important to obtain high purity and high recovery along with high throughput. Agilent ZORBAX PrepHT columns have a broad range of selectivities to achieve these objectives.


  • Easy scale-up from analytical to preparative scale with ZORBAX phases
  • Fast preparative separations, up to 2000 mg
  • 5 to 7 μm particles for high efficiency and high yield
  • Easy to install finger-tight connections seal up to 5000 psi/350 bar
  • Use to maintain selectivity of the analytical phase in your prep separations