Capillary DB-35ms GC Columns from Agilent

DB-35ms columns are precision-engineered by Agilent to deliver excellent performance in a range of GC applications, particularly in confirmational analyses. The midpolarity columns operate over an extended temperature range up to 340/360 °C. The bonded and cross-linked DB-35ms columns also feature very low bleed characteristics and excellent inertness meaning they are particularly suited for analysis of active compounds.


  • Virtually equivalent to (35%-Phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane.
  • Midpolarity with very low bleed characteristics.
  • Extended temperature limit of 340/360 °C.
  • Excellent inertness for active compounds.
  • Ideal for confirmational analyses.
  • Close equivalent to USP Phase G42.
  • Bonded, cross-linked and solvent rinsable.
  • Temperature limits: 50 to 340/360 °C.
  • Similar phases: Rtx-35, SPB-35, AT-35, Sup-Herb, MDN-35, BPX-35.