PL-SAX BioHPLC Column from Agilent

The PL-SAX is ideal for the anion-exchange HPLC separations of proteins and deprotected synthetic oligonucleotides under denaturing conditions. The strong anion exchange functionality, covalently linked to a chemically stable polymer, extends the operating pH range. In addition, the anion exchange capacity is independent of pH. For synthetic oligonucleotides, separations using denaturing conditions of temperature, organic solvent, and high pH are all possible. PL-SAX delivers improved chromatography for self-complementary or G-rich sequences that may associate to form aggregates or hairpin structures. The 5 μm material provides high efficiency separations of n and n-1 sequences.


  • Small particles deliver excellent chromatographic performance
  • Wide range of particle sizes for flexible analysis and scale-up purification
  • Exceptional stability for long column lifetime